Geelong Commercial Cleaners offer a wide range of cleaning solutions for the bathroom and shower environment and in the laundry at home or in the work place. We have a range of cleaning products suitable for cleaning Tile and Grout, Natural Stone, Ceramic Tile, Chrome, Stainless Steel, Plastic and other resilient materials and flooring. Our professional descaler products descale your area surfaces safely restoring them to new.

These mild products are safe for use on stainless steel and chrome and won’t damage them like some aggressive acid cleaning products.

For our commercial customers a great example is the hotel room bathroom. It is arguably the one that must give the best impression. No matter how impressive and welcoming the rest of the hotel is, the cleanliness and presentation of the bathroom leaves the most important, and most lasting impression. If a guest arrives to their hotel bathroom and spots a hair, a dull-looking bath tub, a streaked mirror or shower screen, or even the onset of mould, they would not be impressed.

However this is not an uncommon scenario, as modern hotel bathrooms are quite challenging places to keep looking immaculate. There are a wide variety of surfaces, from fine stoneware tiles to porcelain, metal, marble, glass, plastic, ceramics up to fabric floor mats and more. There’s an even larger amount of dirt types: hair, urine, sweat, skin, perfume, shower-gel, soap, make-up, body-oils, dust, saliva, excrement, nail clippings, blood, cream, lime scale, urine scale… and more!! Aside from using proper routines, procedures and chemicals, there is more you can do for this most sensitive area, so your guests will have a positive first impression. Our steam cleans will provide a sanitary environment in domestic and commercial bathrooms.

We take great pride in our work, bathrooms and laundries are sanitised and deep cleaned.

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